Monday, January 14, 2013

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Capture One 7.0.2 (Support for FujiFilm X-Trans Files)

100% Crop: Lightroom (Left) vs Capture One (Right)

Today Phase One released an update for Capture One to support the FujiFilm X-Trans formats. This includes both the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 cameras.

I've been testing them out the last couple of weeks and been very pleased by the results. Although I'm hesitant to call it perfect (my own workflow still yield slightly better results in resolution) I'm pleased at least to say that there's a professional raw processor that supports the FujiFilm X-format that has the same workflow efficiencies as Adobe Lightroom. It resolves much of the nagging issues that some users complain about using Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom, and yields the professional and user friendly software of Capture One.

I've also used the latest Capture One (7.0.2) for several weeks with my Canon EOS 5Dmk3 files as well and there were no real surprises there, however the support for full tethering has been improved which was one of the earlier problems with the initial release of Capture One 7.0.

Adding support for the FujiFilm file format seemed to be a top priority by Phase One and this is certainly welcome considering the detail smearing that seems to plague any processor that seems to use the traditional processing on the FujiFilm files.

With this new player on the game, we now have all but DxO Optics as major raw processing engines that fully support the format (I forgot about Aperture, but I think Apple has forgotten about it as well), however rumour has it that Adobe is working on a new ACR 7.3 that will introduce some improvements to the X-Pro1 and X-E1 files in the coming months.

Regardless, the results speak for themselves. I found that Capture One not only improves in details, but also prevents some colour smearing which seems to be another issue in the Lightroom files (look especially at the log on the lower left where the log has lost a lot of wood grain details).

The dynamic range controls have also been improved from Capture One 6 to Capture One 7 which is a big upgrade, but also in comparison to Adobe Lightroom seems to have less clipping and noise issues when pushing those functions to extremes.

Now not everything is perfect here. There's still issues with Capture One and the details. Moire seems to be an issue that causes an unusual maze like pattern to appear in specific textures and still some smearing of details happens. However the great news is that it smears at a much higher detail rate over Adobe's implementation of these files.

I discussed the issues with Phase One over the past couple of weeks and have been sharing my own findings, and one of the simple ways to combat this issue is to turn off the Details slider in Noise Reduction Advanced (or reduce this). This seemed to correct for some of the smearing of details that is set by default.

I'm hopeful these minor issues will be resolved in the next version of Capture One, but for now, it's very nice to have a professional RAW processor that at leasts matches the output quality of the JPG files out of camera, with far more flexibility found in RAW processing.

Lightroom Processed (vs Capture One)
Capture One 7.0.2
Capture One

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Games (Week 1)

Games (Week 1) by Kinematic Digit
Games (Week 1), a photo by Kinematic Digit on Flickr.
Looking back at 2012, I actually did far less personal photography than any previous year, so I'm going to change it with this new personal project I'm starting up.

I'm setting my self to task to create a minimum of 1 diptych or triptych per week for 52 weeks.

This is my first in the series and we'll see how far it goes. Unlike other 365/52 projects, I'm aiming to loosly aim for a minimum per week. These do take time to think about and combine.

It's more an art project that has an underlying theme to them and I do have an end goal in mind.

Happy New Year's to everyone by the way, and may your own personal photography journeys for this year be fruitful and rewarding.