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Hello FUJIFILM...Photography is not a Competition!

Okay, so here it is... it took a little longer than I thought to publish my thoughts, but here begins the new chapter in my life. Introducing the FUJIFILM Family! Starting with the change to this blog that started back last year in June. Changing the name of this blog, changing jobs and the biggest change—my entire camera system! Returning to this blog has taken some time to get here, mostly because so much has changed in my life. I stopped writing here about four years ago, and much of that was burnout and becoming disenchanted with the system I was with and reviewing in general. I return to share my stories, not to try and compete with other writers or reviewers. This brings me to the big step I took, which was to rid myself of all my various camera systems to consolidate it into one! I also contacted Michael Zhang at PetaPixel about a chart I put together, motivated by my own personal analysis and was part of an exercise to see how the value of a system panned

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