New and old 135mm lenses compared.

Which Lens... (1) by Kinematic Digit
Which Lens... (1), a photo by Kinematic Digit on Flickr.
I recently did a comparison between a Canon EF 135mm L F/2 and an almost 40 year old Nikkor-Q Auto 135mm F/2.8 lens. Quite surprised how little difference there is between the two.

Between these two images, I would say that the $1130 price difference between the two seems a bit much. But keeping in perspective. One is a modern auto focusing lens, while the other is all manual. But it does go to show that if you look hard enough you can find a great lens for a bargin.

The 135mm focal length isn't a length that is all unforgiving however it is somewhat important that you have decent eyes to focus properly.

Which Lens... (2)


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