Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking GlassToday I took a little morning hike to Todd Inlet at Gowlland Todd Provincial Park a gorgeous park in Central Sannich, where I was hiking, borders the Butchart Gardens property (but isn't very well marked). I had this idea in my head to do a through the viewfinder kind of shot and I wanted a long exposure of a waterfall in the finder.

The hike and setting up did take a couple of hours even though it's a 15 minute hike in total, but I was enjoying the environment and also taking the shot.

I had to use my coat to shade the finder. But ironically I also brought with me four cameras in total. One I used for this shot, the other was what took the shot, a third I took 6 x 4.5 black and white with, and the fourth stayed in the bag. It was a lot of gear to haul, but it was a nice day and thought the creek would give me some great photo opportunities.

There's something that's really nostalgic about using an old waistfinder TLR camera. Also just how easy it is to focus is another thing that makes medium format such a nice way to shoot. Although in this case I didn't actually have film loaded in the TLR, I was kind of saddened that this was the case. I took some 645 black and white at 49 seconds, so looking forward to seeing how that turns out.


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