Under the Shadow

Under the ShadowOne of the things I'm enjoying with the Mamiya with no meter is that I have to spend time thinking about how I'm going to compose and set up my shot.

Unlike shooting in digital where you can spray and pray, the Mamiya really kind of forces you to be patient and carefully consider the shot. Shooting a subject with such strong backlighting is so easy to adjust in digital, so it does take a lot of thought when I was setting up for this shot.

It isn't saying that Digital doesn't teach you this, but I find that even when I'm out with my digital, I try to look to my scene more and patiently wait for the right moment or composition before pressing the shutter.

For me the emotion of the moment is about capturing my own experience while I'm there. If I can present my viewer what I'm feeling then I think I've accomplished the goal. If not, it's merely a picture, and if you like it, then this also accomplishes another goal.

But whether or not you use digital or not isn't really the point, rather, as I always say when I am out taking landscape shots, it's about being there for the moment. Whether or not I capture it on film, digital, or even as a drawing or painting, in the end the only thing that matters is whether or not my final image captures the same feelings I had for the scene while I was there.

Sometimes, I watch a scene unfold and never take a single shot.... disappointed, not at all because in all cases, it's about relishing the moment for myself, and not for anyone else to judge or be criticized for it.