A brief impression of the Fuji X-10

Fuji X-10Was down at my local hangout and had the chance to try out the new Fuji X-10. Impressive little camera.

It's expensive ($599), but I think those that aren't convinced of a micro four thirds, don't want to pay the price of a Fuji X100 and like to have a zoom lens, then this might be the right model.

It's very light, well built and one of my critera for a decent camera, should be easy to use straight out of the box. If I want to make adjustments and manual controls, it's easy enough to do that. I was able to use the camera without reading the manual. Excellent interface, and simple to work with. I LOVE the feature to turn it on by turning the barrel of the lens which extends out an amazing fujinon lens. Shutting it off is the reverse, and very positive feeling positions so you wouldn't turn it off accidently.

Wish I had more time to test it but I give it a good thumbs up. Image quality is very nice. After my experiences with the Nikon 1 series, which I think is an absolute joke, even though is not a system camera is 10 times the camera the 1 series will ever be. Only thing I found a little awkward with it is the size (a touch small in my hands).

I was skeptical about it when Fuji announced it, but now that I handled it, I was very impressed by it. If you're looking for a quality compact camera, this just might be the one to get.

Fuji X-10


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