Using Lightroom 4 to create gel effects

Using Lightroom 4 to create gel effects
Figure 1.
The new white balance adjustment brush is a nice new feature to Lightroom 4 beta, but something that also recently came to mind was to use it as a gel effect.

By painting the shadowed areas of my model (left side - figure 1.) and apply a different colour temperature is like using a studio light with a gel. This gives the subject a little more dimension just by varying the temperature of the lights on spot areas of the subject.

On figure 2, this image was a little easier to change the effect of the lighting because I used three light sources in this shot. So I touched up just the light source coming from the right hand with the adjustment brush and using auto mask to ensure I was not affecting the background. I then adjust the colour to be cooler but also tinted it so it had a nice purple/magenta filtered effect.

I'm still experimenting a little with the effect. Going to find some other images to play with this new discovery. I like the idea of not needing to use gels and that I can essentially paint in the colour temperature I want throughout my subject.

More Gel Effects - Lightroom Beta 4
Figure 2.