Apple Aperture support for X-Trans Files.

Today Apple silently released an update to Apple Camera RAW to 4.05 which added support to the following X-Trans Sensor cameras:
  • Fujifilm X20
  • Fujifilm X100S
  • Fujifilm X-E1
  • Fujifilm X-Pro1
Which brings RAW support in both iPhotos and Apple Aperture. Theoretically this will also bring support to all iOS products (which usually coincides with Apple Camera RAW updates).

Aperture Support for X-Trans

My initial review of the results are positive. Although my Aperture skills have gotten a little rusty, it does at least provide very favourable results that are better than the out of camera JPG images.

Although apple is very late in supporting this, they got it right mostly the first time, as opposed to Adobe Lightroom which had horrible smearing in version 7.3.

Positive things I'm seeing in the latest support by Apple:
  • No detail smearing or chroma smearing (watercolour effect)
  • Excellent details throughout
  • No zipper aliasing
  • Good colour renditions
  • No moire maze artifacts
Negative things I'm seeing:
  • Moire issues (even with moire adjustments in Aperture). There are horrible colour noise or colour blotches
  • Way over-sharpened. My sample here has the detail slider reduced then sharpened after export
  • On some samples I've seen some other over sharpening artifacts that creates odd noise like pattern
Of the three major raw processors reviewed in the above sample, I personally still find Capture One the winner here. More details, and less artifacts over Lightroom. Lightroom is still the winner in speed, performance and ease of use, but is slightly edged by Aperture with less artifacts that affect image details.

At least now for those that are still using Aperture, there is now support for the X-Trans sensors. I am impressed by the details, but you have to very careful not to over-sharpen  frankly you might find yourself turning down some of the details to compensate.

Not an Aperture users? For iPhoto users, and eventually iOS users, this is a welcome addition to RAW support for those platforms. I'm finding more and more people using iOS to directly process and upload files from their cameras, and with this latest update, gives that kind of hope to X-Trans users and IOS applications.

I may add more later to this review, but in the meantime, well done Apple.


  1. Also, I would have to verify this, but when i first open the jpeg preview from the raw file, in a few seconds there seems to be a lens correction applied in Aperture, which I didn't notice in LR4. I don't know for sure if this is true or just my imagination. Overall, as a non pro, A3 beats LR4 by a lot with these files.

  2. Что то я не вижу чем тут востаргаться. Победителя по данным снимкам не вижу. Надо было сделать еще редактором Photo Ninja 1.2.1, тогда можно было бы смотреть на разницу.

    1. Sorry I don't speak russian, but from what I can translate you need to see the 100% to see the difference:

      Also this entry is almost a year old now and all the software companies have updated all their processes. Photo Ninja decodes via DCRAW, which up until version 9.19 also had issues as well. However PhotoNinja is certainly probably the best recommendation these days for processing X-Trans file raw files.


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