Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Ilford Pan F Plus Film Simulation -Lightroom 4 Preset

Harbour Inspired
Ilford PanF Plus Film simulations on 5DmkIII
Ilford PanF Film Simulation
My latest digital film simulation has arrived. Part of it came about because of a challenge that was set to me by friend,  fellow photographer and loyal film user, John of JRPhotographyBC. He challenged me to create a film simulation of his favourite film, Ilford PanF Plus, and being me, I don't back down from challenges too often.

I spent a fair amount of time researching the qualities of PanF, and I narrowed down my assessment of the following characteristics of of this film that gives it it's signature look.
  1. Very fine grain film
  2. Tremendous tonal range
  3. Sensitive to red and yellow spectrums of light
  4. Neutral in orange and magenta light
  5. Not so sensitive to greens and blues
  6. Rich blacks without being crushed.
With those in mind, I created my latest presets based on those parameters and tested it against a hundred examples with known colours and other shot examples done with the actual film.

These presets do require Lightroom 4.

The new Ilford PanF Plus film simulation, Click here.

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Of course no obligation, if you feel like contributing a little donation to my efforts, I'd be happy to spend more time in producing other simulations in the future. You can use this paypal button to contribute for my efforts.

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Ilford PanF Film Simulation

Ilford PanF Film Simulation 

Monday, March 4, 2013

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The Moss Bridge

The Moss Bridge

My favourite photo this year. Taken with the 24-70 F/2.8 mark II lens. A zoom lens no less.

This lens far surpasses my 24mm F/1.4L II prime by a bit.

No regrets giving up my prime for the flexibility of this lens.

And another using an experimental panchromatic film simulation that I'm still developing

River of Milk