A Social Media Thank You....

As my students wrap up their first Social Media marketing assignment, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped them see the value and the importance of this form of advertising and marketing.

The social experiment started back last year as I was planning how to add this component to my Marketing Communication 2 class this term. Starting in January, both this blog and my twitter accounts were part of an effort to practice what I preach. This blog alone is gaining huge momentum and seems to be continuing to do so. I thank those repeat visitors and any new ones and will do my best to continue my efforts.

As I instructed the importance of social media to my students, they too have garnered an excellent following and in some cases even leads to job opportunities, referrals, and publishers looking to republish their works. This was all in a short period of 5 weeks.

To my students... assignment well done!

Please visit their blog one more time, and do leave some feedback for them.


Their final assignment is a huge marketing campaign and they have been split into two groups who will pitch their campaigns to a panel of several successful business and marketing executives. A small part of it has social media in it and if you want to continue to follow their efforts, you can find them on my list on twitter here:


Thank you again for all the support.

Warmest Regards