Canon EOS 5DmkIII vs Nikon D800 (ISO 400)

I've been formally requested to take down my original blog entry.

The tests were too inconclusive and the variables were too mixed at this stage for a fair comparison.

I do suggest going to to look for updated comparisons when they are finally publishing released versions.

There's a lot of questions about how they tested each camera, which I also find a bit surprising when I did the comparison. One thing is certain and there's no debating this, the diffractive limits on the D800 is very apparent at F/8

To avoid any further debate, I've removed my original commentary and content and here's a link to the images for your own comparisons (remember that even these direct links are still pre-production examples):

The Nikon D800 @ ISO 400

Check out my latest post on resolution comparisons.


  1. Nothing happened when I moused over the images...

  2. I fixed it so when you mouse over the image and not just text to exchange it out.

  3. Ahahah! You are a fanboy!

    1. if being a fan boy is dispelling the marketing hype over the image quality then so be it, but that's not the goal here. I haven't locked into any one system. I currently own 4 brands of systems including Nikon. The D4 is a fantastic camera, which I would recommend before I recommend the D800. I even established a fan group for the Nikon D4 which is a fantastic update to the D3s. I would say to any Nikon user to stay with their D700 for many reasons, but more than anything its workable file sizes vs image quality.

  4. You've got a very nice set of posts here Terrance...keep it up! I'm currently thinking of upgrading my current 550D to a full frame so I'm on a lookout. Nothing definitive yet but it's more to the 5D Mark III (over the Mark II) that I'm leaning to. Looking forward to see more photos from your end taken with this 5D Mark III. Btw, your link to the "The Nikon D800 @ ISO 400" is not working (at least at the time I post this :-)).

    1. It's possible it was taken down. Thanks for the heads up and I'll see if I can find it.

      If you want to see more of my examples with the 5Dmk3, I have plenty on my flickr feed here:

      Thanks for reading.


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