Games (Week 1)

Games (Week 1) by Kinematic Digit
Games (Week 1), a photo by Kinematic Digit on Flickr.
Looking back at 2012, I actually did far less personal photography than any previous year, so I'm going to change it with this new personal project I'm starting up.

I'm setting my self to task to create a minimum of 1 diptych or triptych per week for 52 weeks.

This is my first in the series and we'll see how far it goes. Unlike other 365/52 projects, I'm aiming to loosly aim for a minimum per week. These do take time to think about and combine.

It's more an art project that has an underlying theme to them and I do have an end goal in mind.

Happy New Year's to everyone by the way, and may your own personal photography journeys for this year be fruitful and rewarding.