Sugar Coated Landscape (Week7)

This week's latest series that features frost on the gardens in Gorge Park in Victoria, BC.

Processing was done in Capture One 7.0.2 which I'm find more and more a part of my workflow. The fidelity and the tonal control that I learned during a personalized visit from a rep from Phase One really opened my eyes. Lightroom and Aperture looks like toys in comparison to what I can do with the advanced features of Capture One.

Granted this software was originally designed for medium format digital, the approach is beyond just using absolute values found in RGB colour models. There's a lot of intelligent algorithms that are behind Capture One that gives it a more analogue like response when doing adjustments vs the more absolute digital approach of most if not all modern RAW processors out there.

I don't even completely understand it, but one such simple principle is when adjusting clarity or contrast, generally speaking it affects saturation (which I've grown accustomed to adjusting). Capture One's algorithms do not affect the saturation levels like other programs, which is both a blessing and maybe a little bit of a curse (because I'm used to that kind of response). The net result is that it preserves colour information when it needs to, and allows for far more advanced colour adjustments and effects.

One of my objectives is to make my images more 3D in appearance on a 2D medium. Capture One certainly gives me that flexibility to simulate that better.

I hope to make some time in the coming weeks to share my experiences with Capture One. I don't want to just review it, but really get into the heart of the program and talk about some of the more advanced techniques in it. From these days out, I will be only using Capture One for digital black and white conversions for sure.


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